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Flip Madness - Artist Match Game

This is a challenging matching game. Choose the artist and match the artwork. 

Artwork by: 
 Edvard Munch  Pablo Picasso  Henri Matisse  Marc Chagall 
 Gustav Klimt  Salvador Dali

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Flip Madness - Artist Match Game - Daniel Sillers



Time Converter Tool

Time Converter Tools for converting time. Many options to choose from. 

★ Convert hours, minutes, days, weeks, years

★ Calculate time between two dates and months 
★ Add / Subtract clock time 
★ Stop Watch & Countdown Timer w/ alarm 
★ Military Time 

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Time Converter Tool - Daniel Sillers iPhone

Amusement Parks


Added 3,000 new images and a photo gallery for each park.

The amusement parks all-in-one database app. This app is the ultimate guide to finding information about the best amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks in the United States. 
Contains and accesses information for each park. 

★ #1 app for amusement parks in the AppStore! ★ 

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Amusement Parks Pro - Daniel Sillers iPhone

Amusement Parks - Daniel Sillers iPad

National Emblems - Coat of Arms Wallpaper

Put nationality into your everyday life. Every time you unlock your device! 

★High quality Retina iPhone & iPod image wallpaper backgrounds 
★App optimized for iPhone & iPod 
★iPhone Home Screens and Wallpaper 
★Save to Camera Roll by just touching the emblem

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National Emblems - Coat of Arms & Seal Wallpaper / Backgrounds - Daniel Sillers iPhone

World Flag Wallpaper

Flag Lock Screens are Flag-based wallpapers for iPhone & iPod. 

Put flag nationality into your everyday life. Every time you unlock your device! 

★ High quality Retina iPhone & iPod Lock Screens 
★ iPhone Home Screens and Wallpaper 
★ Save to Camera Roll easy by touching on the flag

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World Flag Wallpaper / Backgrounds - Daniel Sillers iPhone

USA Marijuana Laws

USA Marijuana Laws HD for the iPhone & iPad is an easy to use reference guide for all cannabis (marijuana) related offenses laws and facts for each 51 states within the United States.

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USA Marijuana Laws - Daniel Sillers iPhone

USA Marijuana Law Facts HD - Daniel Sillers iPad

Hawaii Parks

This app provides over 650 locations and information about Hawaii State Parks, National Parks, Historic Sites, National Landmarks, County Parks for the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island.

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Hawaii Parks Pro - Daniel Sillers iPhone

Hawaii Parks - Daniel Sillers iPad

Hawaii Surf Reports

Hawaii Surf Reports provides accurate current 

surf wave heights for 88 surf spots and locations around the islands.

★ Quick view of current ocean wave heights. 
★ Locations include Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai

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Hawaii Surf Reports - Daniel Sillers iPhone
Bike Maui

★ Elevations of each trail. 

★ Maps and directions of road ways ideal for bikers. 
★ Photos along the cycling paths. 
★ Information about local Maui trade wind patterns. 
★ Approximate course times uphill and downhill. 

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Bike Maui - Daniel Sillers iPad

Maui Bus Routes

★ Locate nearby bus stops. 

★ View zoomable transit route maps when on-line. 
★ See a list of all routes and times even when off-line. 
★ Get information on fares and requirements. 

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Maui Bus Routes - Daniel Sillers iPhone

Hawaii Waterfalls - FREE

This app provides over 100 waterfall locations and information for the Hawaii islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai and the Big Island. 

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Hawaii Waterfalls - Daniel Sillers iPhone

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